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Fans blast Kim Kardashian over use of Virgin Mary image for her campaign


Kim Kardashian on Friday got the bashing of many of her followers and fans on social media for imposing her face in the image of Virgin Mary.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

On Thursday, the 36-year-old reality star took to Social media to unveil her new Kimoji in honour of 420, also known as weed day.

The kimoji had Kim’s face superimposed on the image of Virgin Mary.

The Kimoji was shared in several videos which had psychedelic effects, and one of the videos was captioned, “When Kim Blesses you with that 420 drop.”

The mother of two also shared another image of a candle branded with the same image which is available on her app for $18.

Here are reactions of fans who saw the new image as disrespectful to Christians.

@Karmal_xx: “So disrespectful, all the money in the world and now trying to make money by putting your face on our mother Mary. Wow so low.

@Claudiamaroun: she’s trying to say people worship her and the scary thing is people do.

“Absolutely disgusting claiming she is a sacred image; yea no sorry Kim your life is nothing but as sacred as Mary the mother of Jesus. Please reevaluate your life.

@Suzieelkhoury: “Kim you are offending Christians and disrespecting our mother Mary.

“Please get rid of this candle.

“Can’t believe you think it’s okay to put your face in place of our lady and then make money with it what is wrong with you?

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